Goose and Berry Limited's Notes, Terms & Conditions 2018/2019

These are the terms and conditions of service between: Goose & Berry Limited here after referred to as "the Company"  or “G&B” and the "Client" defined as: any person/s, company/s or organisation/s for which "the Company" undertakes to do/are doing any work. "Work" is defined as any catering/management/ staffing/resourcing, done by "the Company" for the "client" in any given circumstances.


Data Protection

Your name, address and telephone number will be autoatically added to our database.  This information will be used to send you our newsletter, promotopnal offers and greetings cards.  If you wish your name to removed from our database then please do let us know and we will be happy to do so.  Your data will not be shared with a third partner or used for anything other than Goose and Berry related matters.


All quotations are provided free of charge, with the exception of those quotations requiring significant outlay on our part, (for instance meetings or site visits 20 miles outside of our location) where a nominal charge may be requested to cover our costs. Estimates can be given in writing by Fax, Email or Post. All estimates / quotes exclude VAT unless otherwise stated. At Goose & Berry, we use our years of experience to ensure the estimates are as accurate as possible based on the information supplied; however "the Company" reserve the right to correct any mistakes on the Estimate or Quote in writing as soon as it comes to our attention. An estimate is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. All estimates or quotes are subject to these "terms and conditions" unless otherwise agreed in writing.



The company does offer free first tasting, at our premises or a location within close proximity of our premises, for events estimated over £4000 (catering only, exl. Vat) total. If a second tasting is required, then charges may be incurred. If it is requested to hold the tasting at the client’s chosen venue, then delivery charges may be incurred.  Should the client choose to have their tasting before booking, then we will charge a non-refundable £150 plus VAT, which will be removed from the cost sheet balance paid by the client.   If cancelling a tasting GB require more than 72 hours notice.  Cancelling less than 72 hours before the tasting will result in any further tastings being charged at the rate of £150 plus vat.  We offer 2 hour slots for all tastings.  Lateness may shorten your tasting slot and/or limit the dishes you have time to try.  Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your allocated time slot, as we may have clients on-site.


Food/Health & Safety

The company follows strict health and safety guidelines. Chilled food can only be left out of refrigeration for a maximum of 4 hours. After this time the food will be deemed unsafe and consequently disposed of. Hot food on a buffet can only be kept out (below 75 degrees) for a maximum of 2 hours and will then be deemed unsafe and disposed of. The company cannot therefore allow food to be left at a venue to the clients’ disposal.


The risk of accidental deterioration of, or damage to, the food and drink supplied will be transferred to You at the point of delivery. If we send food, drink or Event equipment to You using our own vehicles, risk is transferred at the moment of arrival at the designated premises.  Where delivery of food items is subject to approval, risk is transferred at the moment in which delivery is accepted.

The correspondence between the company and the client shall be taken as confirmation of the client’s agreement with and acceptance of the foregoing terms and conditions. An exchange of letters /emails constitutes a contract.

We accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any direct, special or consequential loss or other damages howsoever cause or any liability arising from the provision of our Services except in the case of personal injury or death caused solely by our negligence. In the event we are found liable, our liability shall be limited to the Price which has been invoiced in respect of that particular Event.  The client is responsible for providing first aid and fire safety/fighting equipment.

We cannot guarantee that there will not be traces of nuts or allerges within any of our food or products.

Event Management

Please let us know if you would like an on-site event manager to co-ordinate all areas and suppliers of your reception on the day.  They will act as head of service, liaise with suppliers, bands, florists etc and decorate any areas of your venue you require them to. 

They will be the main point of contact for the day instead of you and perform basic master of ceremony duties.

The fee for this is a flat rate of between £300 and £600 per day (max 12 hours) to cover your reception. Please ask fr further details.


All staff will be dressed smartly.  All G&B Waiting and Bar staff will be flexible and may be able to work more hours if required and agreed by the client (transportation allowing).  Please ensure there is adequate parking for staff and notify us of any parking restrictions/requirements prior to the event date.

All staff attending a function must be paid for a minimum of four hours work.

For longer events, over 6 hours, the client is responsible for the food costs to feed the waiting staff, band and dj, photographer and event/ venue manager. This would either be at the same charge as the other guests, for the same menu, or an agreed cheaper meal alternative.

Staff working past 11.30pm will incur additional travel costs.  Events over 15 miles from our unit post code will incur additional transport charges.


G&B supplying:  All glassware will be supplied in a clean condition.  Polishing may be required but will be undertaken by G&B waiting staff if they are on site.  Glassware will need to be packed away empty in the correct crates and will be done by G&B waiting staff if they are on site.  Glassware can be returned dirty at no extra charge.  All breakages and missing items will be charged to the client at the current price with no exceptions.  Payment of breakages must be made within seven days of invoice being issued.

Clients Supplying:  All glassware must be supplied to us in a clean and washed condition.  Please be aware that certain companies advise washing prior to using.  All glassware must be polished to the clients’ standards before handing over to us unless agreed otherwise in writing.  G&B cannot accept any liability for breakages or missing items of glassware.  If G&B Waiting staff are on site, they will aim to pack away as many dirty items correctly as possible but cannot guarantee all items will be cleared.

We are unable to supply glassware if any items of glassware are being sourced elsewhere due to mix-ups.  

G&B Staff cannot wash any items of glassware on site.

Bar & Drinks

Please ensure you have appropriate bar units/tables arranged for staff to serve from.  Please ensure you have arranged ice, ice bins, buckets, tongs, bottle openers and waste disposal/bin bags.  The clients will need to arrange cooling facilities to store all items of drinks in within close proximity of the bar area.  G&B can supply items listed above if required, please ask for more information.  G&B Bar Staff will aim to clear empty bottles and glasses from the tables.

Please ensure G&B are aware of all drinks you require to be served on arrival, when you would like champagne poured for speeches and what drinks you would like placed on the tables.  Please also make sure you have arranged bottled/jugs of water for your guests.

GB DO NOT remove bar waste or bottles from events, unless pre-arranged and paid for for at an additional rate.  This is not always possible and will depend on our schedule, location and logistics. 



Please ensure you have hired enough linen for your dinner tables, buffet, bar, arrival drinks tables and cake tables.  We are happy to supply linen but must have all final requirements at least 7 days before your event date.  Our linen is very durable but if clients or their guests damage linen beyond repair, then we will charge the clients the current replacement rate.  Lost linen napkins will also be charged to the client at the current rate with no exceptions.  Payment of damages must be made within seven days of invoice being issued.  If we are unable to remove linen when our catering team leave, there will be an additional collection or waiting charge, with no exceptions.


Please inform us of all final meal requirements at least 10 working days prior to your event date.  Changes made later than that date may not be made.

We must be informed in writing of all allergies and intolerances to food.  All food is prepped within a kitchen which contains all allergen foods within, so traces of allergens may be present in ALL dishes with no exceptions.  Whilst we will try our utmost to cater for allergies and intolerances, we cannot take any responsibility for a reaction or death caused by our food. It is the client’s responsibility to inform the their guests of our policy and allergy policy.  Please notify us of any specific food presentation/specification requirements not listed in the menus.

Staff meals for band members etc are available at a charge of £15 per head.  They will be served after the Wedding Meal with no exceptions unless otherwise agreed by the clients and G&B.  Staff meals will need to be consumed outside the kitchen preparation area.  Please make sure your staff are aware of this.

If you wish to supply your own evening food, a supplement may be charged for any heating, cooking or service of food required, particularly after chefs and kitchen have cleared down.


Please let us know if you would like us to cut and serve your cake and if you require napkins, plates, forks, silver service flats/plates etc.  These are all charged at the relevant rate.  Please also let us where you would like the cut cake placed (buffet/dinner tables) and where you would like the remainder of the cake stored.  GB cannot be liable for any damage made to the cake if we are asked or required to move it.  There will be a supplement added if the cake is required to be cut after the chefs and kitchen have been cleared down. GB will cut as much cake as the chefs deem required, and will leave the remainder on the day for the clients to dispose or remove of, the following day.

Access and Parking

Please ensure there is adequate parking for our chefs and staff.  If there is limited parking or restrictions we must be notified beforehand.  Please inform us beforehand if our refrigerated unit will not be able to access the catering facilities immediately and the restrictions there will be.   All parking charges, tickets and additional fees will be charged to the client.

Waste and Cleaning

Please ensure you have made arrangements for waste disposal.  G&B will dispose of any food waste but are not responsible for other waste including bottles/bar waste.  On agreement, our staff will clear away waste and bag it up providing you have supplied bin bags/crates etc. We are able to arrange for a large refuse container to be delivered temporarily for the duration of the event at cost price.  Please ask for a quote.  G&B are not responsible for cleaning your venue, marquee or home unless otherwise agreed prior to the event in writing.  Should you require a cleaning service, then please contact us to obtain a quote.  Should we use your kitchens or facilities for preparation, then we will of course leave them clean.


Issues and Complaints

In the unlikely scenario that the client has any problems at all or are unhappy with any element of the event, then they or an elected guest/person must speak to a senior member of G&B’s on-site team, on the day. Failure to make us aware of any issues will result in G&B not being able to resolve issues.  Complaints will not be valid after the event date if the client has not made G&B aware, at the event.

Please note G&B are not liable for any change in plan, delay in schedule or any loss resulting from the clients’ suppliers fault.  Ie. Late arrival of suppliers, equipment and power failure etc.

After the event, please make all complaints  in writing to within 5 working days of the event date.


Payment terms and Cancellations

All deposits are non-refundable.  Should you wish to change the date, your request must be made in writing at least 4 months prior to the event date and GB reserve the right to consider if this is possible.  We will endeavor to change the date, however this may not be possible.  Tasting fees are non-refundable, should you choose to not book with GB.  If you book with GB then your tasting fee is redeemable against your estimate total.

Cancellations charges are as follows

If the Event is not held for any reason, or there is a reduction in the anticipated number

of participants, you must immediately notify us.


If the Event is cancelled for any reason (other than our own fault), you will be liable

to pay a Cancellation Charge equal to the following percentages of the applicable Charges

depending on the time when we receive notification of the cancellation:

(a) on booking to 120 days before the Event: 25%

(b) between 120 days and 60 days before the event: 35%

(c) between 60 days and 16 days before the Event: 50%

(d) 15 days or less before the Event: 100%

The above Cancellation Charges are a genuine pre-estimate of damages due to us by reason of cancellation and do not affect our right to claim for further loss or damage. If there is a force majeure event which affects Our ability to host the event e.g. Acts of god, war, disaster, infections, strikes or acts of terrorism, it is provided that this agreement can be terminated by written notice from GB.


Full and final payment must be made and cleared no later than 10 working days before your event date.  Failure to adhere to these terms may end up in loss of deposit and the booking cancelled.  Please be aware that we will not undertake any work without full payment under any circumstances whatsoever.

A confirmation deposit of 25% of the total estimated bill is required to hold the date for all catering bookings.

A confirmation deposit of 50% of the total estimated bill is required to hold the date for all styling and planning bookings.

A pre-event invoice will be issued that will contain an estimate of the event including the 25% deposit. Full payment of the final invoice must be cleared 10 working days prior to the event unless credit terms have been agreed. 

Late payment will be subject to a £60 administration charge and interest of 3% over base rate per month. If after 60 days full payment has not been received, civil court action will be taken, and all cost reserved against the client.  Cancellations are to be made in writing 16 working days or more, otherwise payment for the full amount estimated is due. This can be received by Fax, email, or Post, but must be backed up verbally between the client and the company.  All deposits are non-refundable and all full payments are non-refundable unless otherwise stated on our cancellation notice.

If the company is prevented from performing its obligations in respect of any booking, for any cause outside of its control, it shall be entitled to cancel any such booking without liability, but if so requested, will use reasonable endeavors to transfer the booking to another day.

Should the client cancel the event within 16 working days will not be required to consider transferring the booking to another date.

Final numbers attending functions, and menu confirmation (including dietary requirements) should be notified to the company at least 16 working days prior to the commencement of the function. If there is a drop in numbers later than 16 working days prior to the function, then no reduction in costs can be expected. If catering requirements increase, less than 16 working days prior to a function, then every effort will be made to accommodate this, however additional costs may be incurred.

A finalised invoice will be calculated after an event, to show actual staff hours, taxi fares, drinks consumption and returns, equipment breakages or any other costs incurred that differ from the estimate.




It is Your responsibility to supply Us with all necessary information relating to the

Event and the Venue (including dietary requirements, logistics and venue requirements where applicable), and to make all

other necessary arrangements relating to the Event, except those which We agree in writing to make as part of the services, in sufficient time to enable us to provide the services in accordance with the contract.


We may assign or sub-contract the contract if this is necessary for operational reasons. Nothing in the contract gives any right to any third party to enforce any provision under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise.

These Terms, together with the estimate of costs, contain the entire agreement of the parties. English law shall apply to the contract, and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.